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Gary #Numan plays “Cars” with real cars! – AWESOME!

July 13th, 2010 Comments off

Seriously awesome DieHard battery commercial featuring the Godfather of Techno himself, Mr Gary Numan… just when you were starting to think that Gieco had all the cool ad men.

Check out the 1080p version in full screen!

YouTube – DieHard Battery vs. Gary Numan


Telekon – Reduxed…….

February 21st, 2009 Comments off
The 2006 Teletour Redux

The 2006 Teletour Redux

Those who know me, know I love Gary Numan…. Have for 30 years, prolly always will… However… I recently missed attending his Telekon Tour anniversary extravaganza. A sin for which I will never forgive myself. However I did fess up the required dosh to purchase Gazza’s DVD of said event.


The original 1980 Teletour.  The set was amazing

The original 1980 Teletour. The set was amazing

I will always love Numan….. But why? OH Why???? Did Gazza only use that fab LED recreation of the original TeleTour set for only 5 of the songs???!!!! I mean I could understand it for the lesser numbers, but We Are Glass and I Die: You Die??? That was prime time for major on stage madness…. But the set just sat there, getting in the way. Not at all how I remember it almost 30 years ago…


You know, Gazza can do no wrong by me, but I would love to see him get out of his own way so that his talent and legacy could carry him on through to a brighter place. You’re never gonna do that by kidding your fans that they’re getting TeleTour then not turning on the friggin lights! Come on.. You already rented them, use them!

Send in Pain…



Ex-punk’s role at Broadmoor – News – getbracknell – Bracknell Forest Standard

December 28th, 2008 Comments off

Broadmoor, Crowethorne, UK


“preciousness and wonder in the mundane.” – Kinda leaps out at ya, don’t you think?



Ex-punk’s role at Broadmoor


The former drummer with 70s punk and New Wave band Tubeway Army has a new role – as a chaplain at Broadmoor Hospital.

More than 30 years on from his pop success, Reverend Bob Simmonds is spending his time helping patients at the high security psychiatric hospital in Crowthorne.

He took up the role last month.

He said: “I take delight in the physicality and therapeutic nature of percussion and try to present spirituality in a modern way.

“I understand that religion can be daunting and people do not like being preached to.

“Instead I try to help people find preciousness and wonder in the mundane.”

Rev Simmonds’ stint drumming for Gary Numan’s Tubeway Army was a short one, lasting from late 1977 to early 1978.

Since then he has been committed to working with the most vulnerable people in society, spending time working at HMP Peterborough and Maudsley Hospital in London.

Rev Simmonds added: “The chaplaincy at Broadmoor Hospital has built a strong reputation amongst both patients and staff as a friendly and accessible resource for spiritual and pastoral care and I hope to bring fresh insight and energy into the team.”

via Ex-punk’s role at Broadmoor – News – getbracknell – Bracknell Forest Standard.

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