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Cop Tasers Unconscious Diabetic 11 Times – Crime – Gizmodo

December 30th, 2009 Comments off

This falls so far into the WTF bucket that I’m at a loss to understand why there’s even a question about whether this cop should be arrested or not.  How can anyone think it’s OK to taser a unconscious man suffering from convulsions? It’s even more unbelievable when the person doing the taser-ing is a cop who arrived on the scene with the paramedics in response to the call for assistance…

Not only did this jar head cross the line in such a stupendous way, he crossed 11 times in a minute…  WHAT?  I know cops have a tough job and have to put up with all kinds of abuse and dangerous situations but he was called there for a medical emergency for crying out loud!  To a man having convulsions!!  You’d think that he’d be expecting to see erratic and involuntary movements without interpreting them as an attack.  I’m speechless….

This the latest in an alarming list of ridiculous cop taser incidents.  Another that comes to mind is the recent cop taser-ing a 7 yr old girl who was throwing a temper tantrum….  Great parenting skills all round on that one!

All this begs the question – “Has giving cops non-leathal weapons just given them leave to be less objective and more blatantly aggressive?”  I sure as hell don’t feel safer..  Cops in the UK have carried non-leathal weapons for decades, the UK version of the Billy Club or Night Stick.  Those weapons haven’t given rise to a wave of assault and battery by Her Majesties finest.  Maybe there’s something about having to be within striking distance that makes them think twice.

Cop Tasers Unconscious Diabetic 11 Times – Crime – Gizmodo.


The Rain Man Rests – Remembering Kim Peek

December 28th, 2009 Comments off

Pushed into lime-light’s harsh glare as the inspiration of  the multiple Oscar winner – “Rain Man”, Kim Peek put a very human face on “different” and “challenged”.  A face that we could all relate to.  A face that we all could like.

His incredible talent gave him total recall but left him unable to appreciate most of what he knew and its relevance to the world around him. A situation that would have made most bitter and angry, Peek still marveled in every fact like it had been wrapped just for him. A gift to be enjoyed.

Kim Peek passed away just before the holidays, victim of a heart attack at only 58.

Gizmodo’s link below patronizes the ludicrous NYT who expects to capture a pay-per-play audience, seemingly unaware that they compete for readership with a million other publishers a Google search away, none of whom suffer from those delusions. Witnessed here by The UK’s Telegraph.

Kim Peek

Remembering Kim Peek, The Uncanny Human Computer – Kim Peek – Gizmodo.


Auschwitz sign stolen ‘by neo-Nazis’?

December 19th, 2009 Comments off

Proof that some people really have no shame.  The sign built from the Nazi propagandist slogan “Work will make you free” which stretched over the gate to one of the worst places on Earth was stolen from the Auschwitz site early Friday morning.

The UK’s Telegraph needs to do some fact checking.  The sign is made from tubular steel and can easily be carried by one person making the theft significantly less difficult than they make it out to be.  Also, with no trace of who actually took it, it might be a little premature to blame “neo-Nazis” for the theft.

I’m more than a little stunned that anyone is cold hearted enough to desecrate the memorial to one of the biggest human atrocities of the 20th century.

Auschwitz sign stolen ‘by neo-Nazis’ – Telegraph.

[UPDATE]:  So this just keeps getting stranger.  Today the BBC reports that Polish police have found the stolen sign in the North of the country.  It had been cut into 3 pieces (presumably they were more interested in easy transportation than resale value) by 5 men who are now in custody.  This is where it gets strange, the BBC goes on..

Five men in their 20s or 30s were detained and were being taken to Krakow for questioning, a police spokeswoman said.

Krakow no less!  Himmle!  Whilst we’re glad that this WWII artifact has been recovered, we’re hoping that they don’t suffer the same fate in Krakow as so many innocents did during the 8 years of the war.  Irony abounds!