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Fax upside down much? Good grief!

February 5th, 2010 Comments off

I know we’re not all technocrats but sheesh you’d think that the US patent office would at least be able to turn a fax right-side up!  How can they be expected to make informed determinations on the merits of technology patents if they can’t master a 180 degree rotation….  No, wait….  What am I thinking?…….

Someone Should Patent a Fax Rotator So the USPTO Can Read Upside-Down Faxes – USPTO fax – Gizmodo.


The #jet #cars are coming – Thanks to #Jaguar

February 2nd, 2010 Comments off

Wired has a nice little piece on the current turbine research going on at Jaguar (of all places).  Funded in part by the UK tax payer, Jaguar is looking at using a small axial flow turbine to power the car’s generator. The power train is all electric. This approach makes a lot more sense than Chevy’s Volt as these engines are lighter and a lot more efficient and reliable  than traditional reciprocating engines of the type proposed for the Volt.

Not Jaguar’s first dance with jet technology but hopefully this one will see a longer life span than the engineering test bed shown above from Rover’s earlier attempt at turbine power.

Jaguar Building a Turbine Hybrid | Autopia |