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MSFT goes for the brass ring and misses the gold prize (AGAIN)

July 2nd, 2013


So our favorite corporate software bully announced this week that they were going to shutter the incredibly popular TechNet service. For those of you who don’t know, TechNet is a way for system admins and other like minded peeps to get their paws on license restricted versions of MSFT products to help them plan deployments, test integration and compatibility. Well it seems that MSFT isn’t too interested in helping people actually deploy their products in a sane and well tested way because they’ve decided to stop selling TechNet subscriptions as of the end of August this year.

They claim instead that the industry has moved on to free trials programs. Well who are we to argue. However they then state that in their oxygen deprived minds that means that trails should only last 30-180 days. For a hobbyist that might suffice, but tell that to the desktop OS manager at GE. INSANE.

So I guess the real take away for most of us is that Redmond is so far in denial about their tumbling market share and their rapidly fading relevance that they are taking their toys and going home.

Alias poor Microsoft, we knew thee well….

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