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More hair-trigger madness – Gatorade terrorism anyone?

January 19th, 2010

In the spirit of fairness, after chastising the Brits for arresting someone based on a tweet (and a tweet alone) it’s the Americans turn to rush head-long into the over-reaction department.

A San Diego 11 year old gets humiliated in front of his entire school, has his home searched by the bomb squad and is told to seek counseling by his hysterical vice principle for what?  Threatening to blow his classmates to hell? Burn his school to the ground? To bring down the government?  No.  All this for showing how a gatorade bottle can explode as part of a school science fare…!   What?  Has this veepee lost his mind?  Haven’t kids been doing just this kind of thing at science fares for decades?  Isn’t this the kind of thing that the Myth Busters do on TV every week?

We need laws to protect the innocent from overzealous tin-pot dictators who are hell bent of stretching their pathetically small amounts of authority to ridiculous proportions.  I hope this kid’s parents sue the shit of the veepee and the school district.

11-Year-Olds Science Project Causes Bomb Scare, School Evacuation, Hilarity – Science project – Gizmodo.

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