John Foxx

images-2The early 80’s UK music scene was dominated by bands experimenting with electronic music.  I loved every minute of it. Most faded quickly as they tried to morph fast enough to keep up with the bewildering torrent of new trends and fads that seemed to come out of the clubs almost weekly.  Some acts survived.  Folks like Pet Shop Boys, Duran Duran, etc.  Others fell from the mainstream but still held true to that new wave of creativity that killed the radio star and gave us video.  One such act is John Foxx.  Responsible for such an amazing breadth of work it’s hard to believe it all came from one man.  He was the ROckWrok behind Ultravox’s HaHaHa! album, then went on to haunt us from the Underpass.  Today John Foxx is still very active in music and fine art.  His style has mellowed a little but he still brings his unique spirit to the more reflective work he creates today.


The name of this website is inspired by a track of the same name from John Foxx’s seminal album “Metamatic”.  For a moment, Foxx took the dystopian visions first sketched out by Numan’s “Replicas” and brought them to full realization with a bleak urban presence that Gary must have wept for.

I urge you to seek out the work of John foxx. His legacy is amazing, haunting and unforgettable.

John Foxx Official Web Site – Metamatic

John Foxx on – iTunes