Cop Tasers Unconscious Diabetic 11 Times – Crime – Gizmodo

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This falls so far into the WTF bucket that I’m at a loss to understand why there’s even a question about whether this cop should be arrested or not.  How can anyone think it’s OK to taser a unconscious man suffering from convulsions? It’s even more unbelievable when the person doing the taser-ing is a cop who arrived on the scene with the paramedics in response to the call for assistance…

Not only did this jar head cross the line in such a stupendous way, he crossed 11 times in a minute…  WHAT?  I know cops have a tough job and have to put up with all kinds of abuse and dangerous situations but he was called there for a medical emergency for crying out loud!  To a man having convulsions!!  You’d think that he’d be expecting to see erratic and involuntary movements without interpreting them as an attack.  I’m speechless….

This the latest in an alarming list of ridiculous cop taser incidents.  Another that comes to mind is the recent cop taser-ing a 7 yr old girl who was throwing a temper tantrum….  Great parenting skills all round on that one!

All this begs the question – “Has giving cops non-leathal weapons just given them leave to be less objective and more blatantly aggressive?”  I sure as hell don’t feel safer..  Cops in the UK have carried non-leathal weapons for decades, the UK version of the Billy Club or Night Stick.  Those weapons haven’t given rise to a wave of assault and battery by Her Majesties finest.  Maybe there’s something about having to be within striking distance that makes them think twice.

Cop Tasers Unconscious Diabetic 11 Times – Crime – Gizmodo.


The Rain Man Rests – Remembering Kim Peek

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Pushed into lime-light’s harsh glare as the inspiration of  the multiple Oscar winner – “Rain Man”, Kim Peek put a very human face on “different” and “challenged”.  A face that we could all relate to.  A face that we all could like.

His incredible talent gave him total recall but left him unable to appreciate most of what he knew and its relevance to the world around him. A situation that would have made most bitter and angry, Peek still marveled in every fact like it had been wrapped just for him. A gift to be enjoyed.

Kim Peek passed away just before the holidays, victim of a heart attack at only 58.

Gizmodo’s link below patronizes the ludicrous NYT who expects to capture a pay-per-play audience, seemingly unaware that they compete for readership with a million other publishers a Google search away, none of whom suffer from those delusions. Witnessed here by The UK’s Telegraph.

Kim Peek

Remembering Kim Peek, The Uncanny Human Computer – Kim Peek – Gizmodo.


Auschwitz sign stolen ‘by neo-Nazis’?

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Proof that some people really have no shame.  The sign built from the Nazi propagandist slogan “Work will make you free” which stretched over the gate to one of the worst places on Earth was stolen from the Auschwitz site early Friday morning.

The UK’s Telegraph needs to do some fact checking.  The sign is made from tubular steel and can easily be carried by one person making the theft significantly less difficult than they make it out to be.  Also, with no trace of who actually took it, it might be a little premature to blame “neo-Nazis” for the theft.

I’m more than a little stunned that anyone is cold hearted enough to desecrate the memorial to one of the biggest human atrocities of the 20th century.

Auschwitz sign stolen ‘by neo-Nazis’ – Telegraph.

[UPDATE]:  So this just keeps getting stranger.  Today the BBC reports that Polish police have found the stolen sign in the North of the country.  It had been cut into 3 pieces (presumably they were more interested in easy transportation than resale value) by 5 men who are now in custody.  This is where it gets strange, the BBC goes on..

Five men in their 20s or 30s were detained and were being taken to Krakow for questioning, a police spokeswoman said.

Krakow no less!  Himmle!  Whilst we’re glad that this WWII artifact has been recovered, we’re hoping that they don’t suffer the same fate in Krakow as so many innocents did during the 8 years of the war.  Irony abounds!


Stupid #Murdoch just might go for #Microsoft money – #Google

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This story is just the other side of ridiculous but given the players not really that surprising.

Microsoft (the un-“do no evil” company) maybe offering large content providers cold hard cash to demand that Google stop listing their content in search results.  I guess if you can’t beat ’em, cheat..  is the norm in Redmond these days.  Kinda pathetic really just few days after Ballmer was spouting how well Bing was doing to a bunch of downtrodden shareholders.

So MSFT’s never ending nerve notwithstanding the amazing part of the story on Giz is that Murdoch might actually be considering this! Apparently he wants to cripple his web ratings and has been thinking about shutting out Google unilaterally for a while.  Now MSFT is willing to fill his pockets to actually throw the switch.  How can he lose?

At first I was appalled by this blatant tampering with the internet’s live blood (content) but then I got to thinking..  Google ain’t going to miss the ad revenue for one source of content.  It’s not like it isn’t going to get replicated in a million other places anyway.  If Microsoft wants to squander untold millions trying to hold back the sea then let it and getting News Corp’s hideously biased un-news off the front page would be a generally good thing all round for humanity.

So this blogger says – GO FOR IT!  (morons).

Microsoft Might Pay Murdoch to De-List From Google – Microsoft Bing Google Rupert Murdoch – Gizmodo.


Space Shuttle Atlantis Readies Penultimate Launch

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Atlantis at Dawn

It’s a very strange thought for me to realize that the space shuttle program in about to end. After watching the Apollo 11 moon shot when I was 6 I’ve been fascinated with the US space program. It seems like the shuttles have always been with us. From test flights strapped to the back of a 747 to starting full operations in 1982 they have been the backbone of the space program. We have so much to thank the shuttle program for it’s not going to be easy to see it end. Read more…


#Numan re-releases “The Touring Principle” on #DVD – #musicmonday

November 15th, 2009 Comments off

The Touring Principle CoverNuman’s “Touring Principle Redux” is about to start in the UK (See you all at the Indigo2) and to mark the occasion Gary is re-releasing the video of the original Pleasure Principle tour back in 1980.  This time around we’re not being subjected to all the gratuitous video effects that mostly ruined the original release. Read more…


Time – Meet Shark – #twitter blushes

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Now we all love Twitter.  How else would I know when half of you are eating dinner or walking the dog?

Time (the magazine) has obviously stopped taking its meds.  They are trying to decide between Twitter and “the economy” as “person” of the year!  Ok, now they’ve done many oddball things in the past to give  this meaningless but attention getting stunt more impact. I don’t mind them redefining the language to allow a social networking service as a “person” but it would be nice if they’d pick one that at least didn’t fail like a whale (or in Time’s case, maybe it should be jump like a shark?)

Twitter: Time’s ‘Person’ of the Year? | Epicenter |

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#Microsoft #Windows 7 tool innovation all the way!

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Our good fried Ina Fried over at c|net posted a nice story about Microsoft’s latest innovation.   A tool created to help install Windows 7 on netbooks apparently mysteriously ended up being based on the ImageMaster open source project.  Yup, now their passing open source code off as their own (guess Apple didn’t have anything they could rip off for this one).

I’m sure that MSFT would have done the right thing even if the blinding light of the tech press hadn’t been pointed at them but they are deflecting blame onto some anonymous “third party” who is supposed to been contracted to develop the tool in question. No names, natch.

Having been caught realized their terrible mistake, Microsoft have claimed that they are going to do the right thing and released the source code for the USB/DVD tool back into the open source community (hope someone is going to track that!). Strangely enough, the original ImageMaster project is now no longer to be found on CodePlex – Hmmmmm. Innovated out of existence.

Microsoft: Windows 7 tool used GPL code | Beyond Binary – CNET News.


#Windows7 is nothing like #Mac #OSX – “Trust us”, #Microsoft

November 13th, 2009 Comments off

If, like me you’ve been chuckling more than a little about the fact that a Sr Microsoftie Simon Aldous came clean was horribly mistaken earlier this week when he admitted inaccurately told the press that Windows 7 owes its look and feel to Apple’s OS X. You’ll be relieved that Microsoft has now settled the matter officially stating that Me Aldous’ comments were “Totally inaccurate”.

Methinks that our friends in Redmond doth protest too much.  After all, the fact that Windows 7 has an alpha blended UI at last is total coincidence and that the new task bar highly resembles Apple’s Dock is just a perception issue. Anyone thinking that Windows 7’s new thumbnail view for running application looks anything like Apple’s Stacks must have mud in their eye.  Not forgetting that Windows 7 now supports multi-touch (oh what innovation!) is in no way influenced by the fact that Apple brought that technology to market over 3 years ago. Lastly be mindful that the brand new Microsoft retail stores look almost exactly like in no way resemble the Apple stores we’ve all been packing into for years.

Most importantly know that Microsoft thrives off innovation……  just not their own innovation!

Microsoft denies employee’s comments about copying Apple | Mac OS X | MacUser | Macworld.


#NBC laughs down its sleeve as #Ballmer pitches #Windows7 ON A #MAC

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Thanks to TUAW for running this piece.  It kinda made my week.

I almost feel sorry for Steve Ballmer.  Not only does he get his great pitch spot for Windows 7 ruined by Matt Lauer constantly asking him questions about Apple and the iPhone but the wags in NBC’s graphics dept stuck MSFT’s Windows 7 logo on the screen of a MacBook Pro…!   Way to go guys!

No wonder Ballmer looks like he’s just been stabbed in the heart, after all NBC is a partner with MSFT in MSNBC….  ROFL….

It don’t get much better than this.

Steve Ballmers Windows 7 pitch features MacBook Pro in the background.


#Numan Readies for “Pleasure” Tour

October 17th, 2009 Comments off

Gary Numan

There’s a flurry of news from Gary Numan today.  The media finally seem to have buried the hatchet with him and are gushing over the upcoming Pleasure Principle 30th anniversary tour. Read more…


#BMW makes the Bat-Pod a reality with less style than an F-117

October 12th, 2009 Comments off

Ugly BMW Bat-PodOK, I like BMW. I’ve owned 3.  This however makes me want to run the other way.  I can’t believe that Engadget thinks this thing looks sexy!  It’s one f’ugly MoFo. Read more…


Another bad day for #Microsoft – Apps in tights!

October 12th, 2009 Comments off

MSFT Apps in TightsFirst they have the Danger/Sidekick user data loss and now I’m sure their branding police are going to be hiding under their desks with the release of a ridiculous TV ad that confuses the crap out of their new “brainchild” – Windows Phone. Read more…

Tags: Shutting Down – Sorrow

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Tiz a great shame when a really great idea and excellent execution isn’t enough to make a business successful.  Like so many other promising start-ups on the internet the URL shortening service will be making its last snip at the end of October.

This is particularly sad for us at NoOneDriving as we’ve been big supporters of over the last 9 months, using it exclusively as are shortening service. We are now transitioning that role over to and as such will update previous posts over time to ensure that they are still available via a short URL.

It’s our hope that Pierre will be able to find a backer or buyer to keep the service going.  We wish him all the best.!

The Blog of Cligs – » Cligs Shutting Down.


#Sidekick ed into touch. #iPhone still on cloud 9

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SidekickCloud computing is the current darling of the IT business.  Companies all over are looking for new and exciting services to bring to market with no or low client footprint. Read more…


Phantom’s Mini Me

October 7th, 2009 Comments off

hme_logoIf, like me, your professional life revolves around IT then you’re probably more familiar with Las Vegas than the rest of the planet.  Conventionville has me hostage again this week and, as now seems to be the norm, I’m entombed in The (chapter 11 friendly) Venetian resort, hotel & money funnel.   Read more…


Quick! Jump on the bandwagon – #iPhone OS 3.1 breaks #Exchange – Pfft!

September 18th, 2009 Comments off

Lately I’ve noticed a depressing plumet in half-way objective blogging about Apple on certain “mainstream” web sites.  All too often are they rushing to beat the drum on how Snow Leopard is just like Windows 7 – a bug fix…  Dream on people.

Read more…


Who do you trust with your data? #mozy #backup #tech #mac

July 27th, 2009 2 comments

Mozy LogoAs home computer use grows from playing DOOM to the occasional email and the casual 5 min session of web surfing into something more intrinsic to what we all do all day it becomes critical that the state and the data stored on that computer be protected.  As most of us know, having a hard disk fail or a motherboard die can not only be a buzz kill, it can wipe out your financial data, irreplaceable family photos and that Dylan collection you’ve spent half your life amassing. Read more…


Do Androids Dream of Electric Donuts? #android #smartphone #tech

July 25th, 2009 Comments off

Our Friends over at Giz’ have a nice piece on the latest incarnation of Android smartphone OS (as opposed to the Android fictional netbook OS).

What leaps at out me is that all the “gee whiz” features are things that the iPhone has had since 3.0 if not earlier.  I’m at a loss to understand the excitement over Android.  It’s not ground breaking. It doesn’t have the ease of use of iPhone OS X and it seems that all it’s hopeful of doing is replacing the truly hideous WinMob garbage from our friends in the inspiration and innovation starved North West.

It’s kind of the Linux of smartphone operating systems.  Everybody’s talking about it but nobody is really using it.  Like the Zune, I’ve still yet to see one being used on the street (maybe I just don’t get out enough).

So whether it’s a Donut or a Cupcake, I still ain’t buying it.



Music to find your blue self with #glass #watchmen

July 23rd, 2009 1 comment

Koyaanisqatsi - Philip GlassLast night I put frustration aside and I waited the 4 minutes for my Blu-ray player to start playing Watchmen.  At 3+ hours it’s more film than most people have attention span for.  I was captivated…  A movie hasn’t done that to me at first watching since Blade Runner or Star Wars, and friends, that was a LONG time ago. Read more…


Numan Tours With Pleasure AGAIN! #Numan #music

July 3rd, 2009 Comments off

30 years after its first release and meteoric rise to #1 in the UK album charts, Gary Numan is touring again with the Pleasure Principle album. Read more…

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Jackson dies, the web, Twitter and iTunes fail under the load #mj

June 27th, 2009 Comments off

The second incident in a week that has strained the internet’s infrastructure almost to it breaking point.  Following the Iran stories of last weekend, the news of the sudden death of Michael Jackson brought site after site to a grinding halt as fans and the public rushed to their favorite web sources to find out more. Read more…


The day Twitter turned into a killer #iranelection #twitter

June 20th, 2009 Comments off

Twitter LogoWith Iran exploding under their noses the major news networks (in the US at least) were powerless to do little but sit back and watch it happen.  With the activities of their correspondents cut short by the Iranian government all the likes of CNN could do was turn to social networking for its information. Read more…


The Comfort Wipe: Mankind is doomed!

June 13th, 2009 Comments off

Mankind is doomed!

I really hope I’m not the only one who gets the incredible irony of the fact that the companion product being pushed with this thin end of the wedge of the end of civilization as we know it is called “Get a grip”….

Gizmodo – The Comfort Wipe: Because Basic Bodily Functions Are So Archaic – The comfort wipe.


Want an iPhone 3Gs from AT&T? – Forget it! #mac #iPhone

June 13th, 2009 Comments off

iPhone 3G SAT&T have already sold out of their initial shipment of iPhone 3GS units.  If you haven’t already placed your pre-order (and received a confirmation) then try Apple instead as it’ll be a while before AT&T have them back in stock. Read more…


Formula1: Hamilton out in Q1: Button on pole #formula1 #F1

May 23rd, 2009 Comments off

Hamilton walks back to the pitsA despondent Lewis Hamilton walks back to the pits after slamming his McLaren into the barrier after he lost the back end of the car on the entrance to the Mirabeau corner.  Earlier in the day Hamilton had said during an interview that he felt the back of the car was light and he was having a hard time keeping it under control. Read more…


We get it, Windows means cheap hardware #mac #tech

May 18th, 2009 Comments off

One of the most rational piece’s on the “I’m a Mac” vs “Laptop Hunter” ad series that I’ve read.  Aron does a great job of analyzing the ads, their intention and their real message.  Nice to see this topic discussed in a way that avoids the finger pointing, name calling and hair pulling of others (yours truly probably included).

We get it, Windows means cheap hardware.


Intel: A CPU in Every Pocket by 2011 #tech #iphone #smartphone

May 17th, 2009 Comments off

One of things you have to trade off as a tech vendor is what you share with your partners & customers and what you keep secret.  Apple is at one end of the spectrum with their legendary secrecy.  Intel might be thinking about taking a page from their book as their small form-factor CPU roadmap for the next two years gets leaked to the press.   Read more…


The London Times HATES The Web! #UK #web2.0 #tech

May 17th, 2009 Comments off


Once thought of as a “serious” news outfit, it seems The Times has thrown standards to the wind and is resorting to taking cheap shots at technology they so obviously don’t understand and lifestyles they so obviously can’t afford. Read more…


Ubuntu 9.04 kicks Windows 7’s ass! #tech #ubuntu #windows7

May 17th, 2009 Comments off

ubuntu-logoA few days ago I posted about my disasterous experiences installing Windows 7 RC on my TabletPC.  Then I promised I’d try the same expereiment with the latst Ubuntu distro and report back.  Here’s that report. Read more…