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Gardening in the uncanny valley with #Bina48

July 12th, 2010 Comments off

For me Artificial Intelligence is both a fascination and a huge disappointment. Frustration with the lack of progress in this field is probably born out of the lofty expectations set back the 60s but even accounting for that decade’s heady optimism, we’re making slow progress.

Bina48 is a strange duck in the AI pond. Not the progeny of MIT or some Government funding Japanese lab, she springs from private funding at the Terasem Movement Foundation in Vermont. The group dedicated to the development and promotion of AI is developing Bina48 as a type of analog of one of its founders.

The Engadet article linked here has an interesting video shot by a reporter. As such the depth of exploration into the technologies in use is lightweight but it does give a glimpse of the amazing progress they are making.

Bina48 is one humanoid robot you’re going to want to hang out with — Engadget.