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#Backblaze – A #Mozy killer?

September 6th, 2010 1 comment

I think I might have found an online backup service that works for me.

After several failed and frustrating attempts getting Mozy to deliver on its promises I finally gave up and went searching for alternatives.

OnlineBackupDeals has a good comparison page of currently available online backup services. It was here I found BackBlaze. Written primarily for the Mac user but with a Windows port, it gives me all I need. Most importantly, unlimited backup capacity for $5/mo and the ability to effortlessly backup external drives. This last feature was Mozy’s final undoing. Despite claiming that they support the backup of “Mounted” drives (including permanently attached USB, FireWire, etc) I’ve been unable to get the data on my My Book secured by their service. BackBlaze didn’t hesitate. It scanned the drives on the Mac and immediately started backing up all 2TB of the data it found.

There are some limitations. By default it doesn’t backup System files or Applications. Files over 4GB in size are passed over too. However these settings and the ones that exclude specific file types like virtual images are all customizable in the preference pane, making it easy to craft the protection you need.

Stay tuned for the restore test after the first backup completes.

Easiest Online Backup Service – Backblaze.


Who do you trust with your data? #mozy #backup #tech #mac

July 27th, 2009 2 comments

Mozy LogoAs home computer use grows from playing DOOM to the occasional email and the casual 5 min session of web surfing into something more intrinsic to what we all do all day it becomes critical that the state and the data stored on that computer be protected.  As most of us know, having a hard disk fail or a motherboard die can not only be a buzz kill, it can wipe out your financial data, irreplaceable family photos and that Dylan collection you’ve spent half your life amassing. Read more…