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Stupid #Murdoch just might go for #Microsoft money – #Google

November 23rd, 2009 Comments off


This story is just the other side of ridiculous but given the players not really that surprising.

Microsoft (the un-“do no evil” company) maybe offering large content providers cold hard cash to demand that Google stop listing their content in search results.  I guess if you can’t beat ’em, cheat..  is the norm in Redmond these days.  Kinda pathetic really just few days after Ballmer was spouting how well Bing was doing to a bunch of downtrodden shareholders.

So MSFT’s never ending nerve notwithstanding the amazing part of the story on Giz is that Murdoch might actually be considering this! Apparently he wants to cripple his web ratings and has been thinking about shutting out Google unilaterally for a while.  Now MSFT is willing to fill his pockets to actually throw the switch.  How can he lose?

At first I was appalled by this blatant tampering with the internet’s live blood (content) but then I got to thinking..  Google ain’t going to miss the ad revenue for one source of content.  It’s not like it isn’t going to get replicated in a million other places anyway.  If Microsoft wants to squander untold millions trying to hold back the sea then let it and getting News Corp’s hideously biased un-news off the front page would be a generally good thing all round for humanity.

So this blogger says – GO FOR IT!  (morons).

Microsoft Might Pay Murdoch to De-List From Google – Microsoft Bing Google Rupert Murdoch – Gizmodo.


Android 1 and half ships!

April 27th, 2009 Comments off

YEAH! Android 1.5 SDK shipped! Oh… What’s that you say?? Yawn? Well I guess some folks are excited but I must admit that I’m finding hard to be thrilled. They say they’ve sold 1 million ofthesephones but I’ve yet to see one being used in public. Maybe I’d have better luck if I wasn’t such a hermit.

Android Developers Blog: Android 1.5 is here! .


Brits want Google Street view shut down | Web Services | Macworld

March 24th, 2009 Comments off

This is typical British back-asswards thinking at its best!  Don’t kick up a fuss about random searches: don’t kick up a fuss about being on CCTV from the second you leave your front door: don’t kick up a fuss about traffic cameras every 100 yards: don’t kick up a fuss about having all your internet communication logged and stored for years…. No…..  But god forbid anyone should use a camera to take a picture of the streets in your home town so that it’s easier for people to find their way around strange places…. OMG!!!  FUSS TIME!!!

Good grief!

I guess when you live in a police state and have no control over the important stuff, you latch on to any petty thing you can to assert some control.. Sad.

Brits want Google Street view shut down | Web Services | Macworld.


Lawmaker wants Google Maps to blur certain buildings | Digital Media – CNET News

March 10th, 2009 Comments off

Is it just me or is this just plain ridiculous?  The same buildings can be video’d and photographed from any street corner by anyone looking to do harm. As for privacy concerns.  You’re in the street people…  You should have no expectation of privacy because YOU’RE IN PUBLIC..  Not to mention probably being video’d in greater detail from any number of security cameras..  Find something worth while getting concerned over would ya?

Lawmaker wants Google Maps to blur certain buildings | Digital Media – CNET News.

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