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How to automatically download and import HD to Windows Media Center – Engadget HD

February 24th, 2009 Comments off

Want to automatically download your favorite hows in HD (who doesn’t) and load them into Windows Media Center along with all the meta data you could ask for?  Well here’s how in gory detail.  (HDTV)

How to automatically download and import HD to Windows Media Center – Engadget HD.


Neo Scene for Mac allows editing of AVCHD video | Macworld

February 23rd, 2009 Comments off

Ahhhh.  I love the smell of marketing BS first thing in the morning.  The title of this piece is misleading as to almost be a flat-out lie.  It impliesthat this software lets you edit AVCHD directly.  Of course it doesn’t as editing compressed video without first decompressing it in some way is impossible. The piece then goes on to reveal that in fact all this app does is convert your AVCHD files to their own decompressed intermediate MOV format which you can then edit.  So where’s the news, because iMovie and Final Cut Pro both deliver the exact same functionality without the need to spend a dime.  FCP actually gives you choices over which intermediate format is best suited to your project.

I declare this to be un-news and not worthy of anybodies $129!  (Pftt!)

Neo Scene for Mac allows editing of AVCHD video | Macworld.

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Final Cut + Perian = BAD!

January 4th, 2009 Comments off

I’m bummed! I’m a big Perian fan. It really is the Swiss Army thing of video formats. However! Beware those of you who run Perian and want to use Final Cut Pro (don’t know if this impacts Express as well but I’d bet it does).

I’ve just finished 4 hours of hair pulling trying to get FCP to import some 1080i60 (1920×1080) footage from my Sony HDR-SR12. The problem manifested itself in a terrible jerk effect about every 15 frames or so. It was a real HD buzz-killer. All the posts I found talked about using the Apple Intermediate Codec instead of the ProRes codec to work around similar problems. It made no difference which codec I used, every time I imported a clip, it jerked.

Only after reading something that seemed totally unrelated on Apple’s support site did I connect FCP with Perian. Apple warns users that Perian can cause FCP to randomly quit without warning. No mention of it’s other interactions with FCP.

After getting desperate and resigning myself to a night without sleep I tried removing Perian. The very next attempt to import into FCP worked as it should.

Hope this saves someone else from heart palpitations!