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Quick! Jump on the bandwagon – #iPhone OS 3.1 breaks #Exchange – Pfft!

September 18th, 2009 Comments off

Lately I’ve noticed a depressing plumet in half-way objective blogging about Apple on certain “mainstream” web sites.  All too often are they rushing to beat the drum on how Snow Leopard is just like Windows 7 – a bug fix…  Dream on people.

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Kindle II now just “Mini Me” to Amazon’s new Kindle DX

May 6th, 2009 Comments off

The newspaper business has been in trouble for a while. Unable to keep up with the changes in internet technology and the switch in reader’s behavior about how they want to get their news. Their subscriber base has eroded dramatically. Read more…


Certs Ain’t What They Used To Be

May 6th, 2009 Comments off

Security is based on trust and vigilance. Two things not so easy to come by in the computer industry. One answer to this that seemed to make a lot of sense at the time was the use of digital certificates (certs). Certs were meant to give the user confidence that the server they thought they were connecting to was indeed the one that they were connected to. It seems that the vigilance part of certs is waning badly. Read more…


Sophos agrees with McAfee – Social Networks can be a data risk!

April 28th, 2009 Comments off

Computer security vendor Sophos supports McAfee’s position that IT departments need to pay close attention to what their users are doing over social networks.

There is a tangible risk to data security by users casually discussing work-related topics over sites like FaceBook, MySpace, Twitter, etc, etc. Read more…


IBM Eyes Sun With Cisco On Its Mind –

March 18th, 2009 Comments off

Another un-merger story!  This one jumps the shark willingly, quoting industry analysts who say… “I don’t know if it’s happening, but it would be a pretty good fit for IBM”….  Urrrr….  Hang on…..  Did you notice the “I don’t know” at the beginning of that “informed” quote…

It goes on…

If the two companies ever reach a deal, it would be IBM’s largest-ever acquisition, and represent a departure from its recent strategy of focusing on deals to strengthen its software and services businesses, rather than hardware.

Urrr.  Sun is in the process of ditching its hardware business as fast as it can. Most of its recent layoffs where from the hardware groups especially the floundering SPARK technology.  If anything Sun has realized that if it’s to survive it needs to cut it’s losses in hardware and focus on software and services.  Isn’t that what IBM already does very, very well?  How, exactly, would that be any kind of departure?

I think as a culture our attention span might be decreasing over time because we’re “informed” by people who have even shorter attention spans, especially when it comes to verifying their facts!

I call shenanigans.  Moving on.

IBM Eyes Sun With Cisco On Its Mind –

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