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Jesus is a KitKat – WTF?

April 12th, 2009 Comments off

So, kiddies, suspend disbelief about the whole savior thing for a second and put yourselves in the shoes of our friends who truly believe in Jesus.  I’m not knocking them, or their faith.  I actually have a huge respect for faith so run with me here for a second.

I have 2 questions about this.

  1. Who takes time to examine their KitKat bars between bites in the hope that they will see a rendition of their savior?
  2. WHY would Jesus chose to come back to us as a snack food?

Sorry……  Had to ask…

Gizmodo – Its Easter: Eat Jesus In a Kit Kat – Easter.


VOA News – African Catholics March in Support of Vatican AIDS Policy

March 29th, 2009 Comments off

If you ever needed a crystal clear example of how religion is a negative factor in society , I think this is it.  It’s criminal for anyone to tell young people, whether they are African of not that using condoms helps promote the AIDS epidemic.  As a testament (every pun intended) to the power if this blind faith.  The very people who would benefit most from a compressive education and condom availability program are now chanting their little hearts out in support of the evil that spouts from Rome.

How can the pope live with himself? He must know that his actions have put millions more at risk in Africa.  For what?  So he can hold true to his obsolete dogma? So he can pretend that people are going easily over come their sexual desires? Maybe he’s so out of tough with the world around him that he actually believes this BS to be true…  How can he expect people in Africa to abstain, when often all they have is the comfort of others when he can’t even get his own priests to keep it in their pants?

It’s painfully ironic that the “holy father” should have such scant regard for the well being of those who support him in his madness.

VOA News – African Catholics March in Support of Vatican AIDS Policy.


Wtf: No One Knew Jesus Would Come Back As a Cookie

March 19th, 2009 Comments off
Jesus as snack food

Jesus as snack food

This is good mid morning fodder (one might even say 11ses…  🙂

Know I’ll be quite candid here.  I have never understood the whole religion thing. Doesn’t matter if it’s Christian, Jewish, Hindu, whatever, I just don’t get it. However this article made me think.  So it’s considered blasphemy to use this guy’s name in vain but not his image?  I mean uttering “Holy Jesus” is a sin but creating effigies of him out of cookie dough is just fine.  Who makes up these rules?

It still doesn’t work for me.  No chocolate chips!

Wtf: No One Knew Jesus Would Come Back As a Cookie.