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Are you a Mac, a Megan or a PC sufferer? #Apple #Mac

May 12th, 2009 Comments off

Elimination Ad

Apple just launched a new set of “I’m a Mac” TV ads.  This time they are addressing Microsoft’s recent attempt to take a byte out of Apple by attacking the price of Macs. Read more…

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SlingPlayer for iPhone getting closer to release?

April 26th, 2009 Comments off

For anyone who travels or likes to keep up with their favorite TV shows when they are on the go, SlingBox is a great solution!  Now the introduction of the iPhone client app is getting close and AT&T have backed down from their ridiculous position on video over the 3G network.

Let the pocket sized tailgating begin!

SlingPlayer for iPhone getting closer to release?.


Brideshead – Relived

March 19th, 2009 Comments off

So, yet again, back in the day (ie. the early 80s) there was a seminal event on British TV called “Brideshead Revisited”.  Seminal not only for it’s stunning narrative by Evelyn Waugh but seminal for it’s stunning production.  Especially amazing as it was produced not by the venerable BBC but by that outcast of British broadcasting, “independent television”.

Recently, a feature film staring our beloved Emma made the rounds.  Not a Summer block buster but a resounding success with those of us who long for that England lost.  The movie did an admirable albeit abridged job of telling the story. However, tonight I went back and watched the original, 4×3’d, badly telecinied, showing age of it’s lineage..  There is a magic there that didn’t transfer to Cinemascope.

In the modern production, lost are the frailties of 1930’s society..  The subtle implications are tombstones which are more concerned with pace.  The enchanting voice-over that graces the original is gone, only to be replaced by more graphic visuals that not only lose the intent of the original but trash the elegance of that so often awkward language used in its most mesmerizing of forms.  Yesteryear was enchanted by Guilgud who lifted the mundane into the amazing with wit and seduction.  How the Ryder’s ever seemed so human is a tribute to his skill and subtlety. Ever lost.

Trappings of transatlantic steam ships are gone.  Preceded with the stark boring reality of the nether regions of the war.  Ryder, a jaded downtrodden army officer, plucked from his tedium when he realizes that his company has taken up Brideshead as it’s barracks.  From there the story unfolds like crisp linens on a warm Summer picnic table.  Heavenly, intoxicating, troubling and provocative.   Sebastian is almost an afterthought.  He conducts the orchestra telling the story almost as if he isn’t the focus of the tale.

To watch “Brideshead” and to love it is to give yourself to a dream of a country proclaimed by its history as a bastion of morales and honor.  Not really a role that old England ever played or deserved, however one that it cornered the market on and built the dream of so well.

Brideshead is a vision of an England I miss.  One I never knew and one that barely existed for a chosen few who never realized what gems they held.

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SCI FI Channel to become Syfy; “Imagine Greater” is new message | SCI FI Wire

March 16th, 2009 Comments off

Glad I’m not the only one who thinks this name change is simply moronic.  Check out the readers comments after the ridiculously blinkered self indulgent drivel of an article.

What I’m just floored by is how in the hell they’ve managed to convince themselves that “SyFy” broadens perceptions…..  WHAT?   All it’s going to do is either make people think that they person who came up with it has the same spelling capability as a 2nd grader or that it’s so far up its own you-know-what as to be pretentious and irrelevant.

This is a great shame.  I only hope that the fans kick up as big of a stink as humanly possible to make the idiots who came up with this lame idea rethink it.

SCI FI Channel to become Syfy; “Imagine Greater” is new message | SCI FI Wire.

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Advertising – Sci Fi Channel Has a New Name – Now, It’s Syfy –

March 16th, 2009 Comments off


I’m stunned.  This is the kind of wrong-headed crap you get when you put two people (Messes Hammer and Howe) who care not for the genre they are supposed to promote in charge of the Sci Fi channel.

These execs think it’s just a peachy keen idea to change the name of the channel to “SyFy”….  What?   Am I going mad??  Their reason boils down to – The name Sci Fi is too generic to trademark!  You’d think that would also have been a concern back in 1992 when the channel was launched.  Apparently they are a little slow on the up take.  Another “reason” by the evil exec twins from hell is that the term “Sci Fi” is too limiting.  Let me see if I understand.  To call a channel that shows Sci Fi the Sci Fi channel is limiting???  How exactly?  If the channel was showing DIY or scrap booking shows then I could see that limiting things to remodeling your bathroom to look like the bridge of the Enterprise or stenciling memory books with nothing but picture of Han, Luke and Yoda might indeed be a little limiting.  However they have decades of quality material across the massive range of all things that fall under the category of Science Fiction to pull from.  The only limiting thing I can see here is their intellect!

To be honest The poor old Sci Fi channel has gone through rough times ever since some fool handed Ms Hammer the reins about 8 years ago.  She has messed with the format, messed with the line up, even introduced wrestling (yes, wrestling that most note-worthy of Science Fiction activities) to the channel.  All in all doing much more harm than good.  Now to add insult to injury, they tells us that the universal name that refers to all the things that the fans know and love isn’t good enough for them..

I find this nonsense ill-advised, un-necessary and insulting.  If it wasn’t for the odd successful show like Battlestar Ms Hammer’s tenure at the Sci Fi channel would have been a complete disaster.

Advertising – Sci Fi Channel Has a New Name – Now, It’s Syfy –

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How to automatically download and import HD to Windows Media Center – Engadget HD

February 24th, 2009 Comments off

Want to automatically download your favorite hows in HD (who doesn’t) and load them into Windows Media Center along with all the meta data you could ask for?  Well here’s how in gory detail.  (HDTV)

How to automatically download and import HD to Windows Media Center – Engadget HD.


Circuit City: Buying an HDTV From Circuit City Liquidation Is Like Lottery From Hell

February 23rd, 2009 Comments off

Just to prove Darwin right, a new form of pond slime has evolved.  BUYER BEWARE!

Circuit City: Buying an HDTV From Circuit City Liquidation Is Like Lottery From Hell.

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